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Generac Mobile Battery Energy Storage Solutions. Transforming Energy. Everywhere.

Today's grid is facing unprecedented challenges. Demand for renewable energy resources continues to rise due to the increased electrification of electric vehicles, homes and consequently infrastructure instability.

Generac Mobile is excited to offer a new line of clean energy products to meet this growing need.

Introducing our Mobile Battery Energy Storage Solution (BESS). This clever battery knows when and where to pull energy from to provide a continuous power supply while also recharging the battery. This state-of-the-art technology provides power system flexibility to help maintain balance between load and demand, while also drastically cutting fuel costs and CO2 emissions.

Built for versatility and durability with two ways to cleaner energy:

  1. Stand alone solution – zero emissions and zero noise solution ideal for no noise environments like night operations, remote applications or to resolve low load challenges.
  2. Hybrid power system – when the BESS is connected to a conventional diesel generator it creates a hybrid power system to deliver multiple advantages. The system enables the diesel generator to work at its optimum efficiency while storing spare energy in a high-power battery backup while automatically managing varying loads to improve overall performance of the site.

Powering a smarter world

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Knowledge is Power

Check out our interactive eBooks to learn more about what a battery energy storage solution can provide for you and the many advantages for pairing it with a conventional diesel generator to create a hybrid power system.

Better Together

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The MBE is a highly versatile power solution for Mobile applications. When combined with a diesel generator, or another renewable energy source, it creates a hybrid power system. With a hybrid power system, a generator will only run when there’s work to do. When there’s low demand for power, hybrid technology allows a generator to turn off so that only the battery supplies the power. When the battery runs low or demand for power increases, a BESS automatically starts the generator, optimizing efficiency. Plus the BESS works together with the generator during times of high power demand, allowing a smaller, more cost-effective generator to power the same load. The use of the MBE with a diesel generator in a hybrid system can be an ideal solution to satisfy power demands.
The result is:

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Energized for the Environment

The Generac Mobile Battery Energy Storage Solution is a versatile, clean choice with many innovative features designed for performance, control and convenience.

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Learn more about our newest battery energy system by using the link below to connect with a Generac Mobile expert.

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