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Advanced Technology for Extreme Situations

The MGG450 from Generac Mobile Products provides 450 kVA of power, is parallel/load-share ready and automatically adapts to LP, NG or Wellhead Gas.  Designed for optimum performance in extreme environments, this mobile gaseous generator has a Prime Rated 21.9L Generac Engine with an advanced fuel control system, a 1500-hour service interval and knock sensors on each cylinder to protect the engine. 


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Features & Benefits



  • Variable pitch fan to auto adjust for cooling and heating needs
  • Automatically adapts to LP, NG or Wellhead Fuel
  • Advanced fuel control system minimizes derate for fuel
  • Engine protection (knock sensing on each cylinder)

Cost Effective


  • 1500-hour service interval
  • Parallel/Load Share-Ready 
  • Light weight and new trailer design for easier towing
  • Easy service access
  • Natural gas and wellhead gas provide most cost-effective fuel source availiable



  • 450 kVA; Best in class kW/L (true 300 kWe COP)
  • Prime Rated 21.9L Generac Engine
  • Cold weather package designed for start in extreme cold situations
  • EPA Certified
  • 49-state Emissions Compliant