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The MIH800 delivers reliable heat for a wide variety of applications. The robust, heavy-duty steel cabinet stands up to the harshest of conditions while the single axle trailer allows for ease of mobility on the jobsite. Large doors provide easy access for maintenance and operation.

Features & Benefits



  • 1.6 L Isuzu® engine, FT4
  • 800,000 BTU output*
  • Max temperature output 180°  F (82° C)
  • 85%+ heater efficiency
  • Durable, steel enclosure
  • 32.8-hour run time on one fuel fill
  • No DEF required



  • Indirect flame technology produces heat that can be safely ducted into tents, buildings and more
  • Comprehensive safety alarms and shutdowns
  • Burner fire eye shuts off fuel pump if no flame is present
  • Positive air shutdown to prevent runaway engine
  • Lockable cabinet to prevent tampering and theft
  • Rear stabilizing jacks
  • DOT and Transport Canada compliant

Easy to Use


  • Single-point controls
  • Internal duct storage for convenience, ease-of-transport and theft prevention
  • Single axle trailer for increased maneuverability
  • Standard electric brakes
  • Dual duct outlets for multiple duct runs
  • No DEF required