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The CTF-10 zero emission plug-in light tower is the ideal solution for long term-illumination of medium to large sized working areas. This best in class unit features the highest mast offered in the market (33 ft) and four powerful 240W LED fixtures ensuring high illuminating coverage. Powered by utility power, the CTF-10 provides reliable lighting, with minimal operation costs and no scheduled maintenance.

CTF-10 is a versatile, clean and safe choice for temporary lighting needs of all kinds including: general rental, worksite lighting, music and special events, warehousing and parking lot lighting.

Features & Benefits

Easy to Use


  • No engine
  • No scheduled maintenance
  • Compact footprint for easy transport
  • Telescopic mast
  • Optional Dusk-to-Dawn sensor or timed settings
  • Easy to set up, saving time and manpower

Safe and Efficient


  • Secure storage minimizes unauthorized tampering
  • Interior cabinet provides safe storage for cords and small tools
  • Shore-powered CTF-10 produces zero localized emissions, so it's safe to use indoors and out
  • Powerful reliable LED lighting
  • Central lifting eye for loading and unloading and integrated fork pockets

Durable and Versatile


  • Silent operation is ideal for music and other special events, and any application in which sound is a concern
  • Linkable for optional lighting configurations
  • Power from 120V/15A or 20A utility power source, mobile generator or a diesel light tower

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