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Diffuse Metal Halide Kits

Reduce glare and light pollution and provide 360-degree lighting with new diffuse metal halide conversion kits. One light kit provides coverage for up to 160,000 ft2 (14,864 m2), while reducing the unpleasant glare produced by traditional metal halide floodlight fixtures. Kits are available for all Generac Mobile metal halide towers.

Features & Benefits

Easy to Use


  • Install in a matter of minutes
  • All hardware needed for the installation is included
  • Works with four (4) 1000-1250 watt metal halide bulbs
  • No need to modify or bypass breakers or ballasts



  • Aluminum frame is durable and lightweight
  • Polymer lens designed to withstand all weather conditions
  • More robust compared to traditional glass lenses and fabric balloon lighting



  • Distributes light evenly, with minimal glare
  • Provides 360-degree light coverage
  • 600,000 maximum lumen output