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About the MLT4060 Light Tower

The Generac Mobile MLT4060 light tower is built and designed for the most extreme environments, from deserts to the frozen tundra. This medium-body light tower offers stability over rugged terrain. The fully rotational mast and metal halide lights provide versatile, powerful illumination.

Features & Benefits

Easy to Use


  • Adjustable, fully rotational mast
  • 120V and 240V convenience outlets
  • Engine hour meter
  • Lockable cabinet
  • DOT running light package
  • Fork guides on the mast and under the trailer
  • Easy access for service
  • 1,000-hour service interval



  • Mitsubishi or Kubota diesel engine
  • Marathon generator
  • Low oil pressure/high temperature automatic shutdowns
  • Protective start limit breaker
  • Simple ballast configuration
  • Individual light breaker switches & ballast indicator lights
  • 1 year Unlimited / 2 year 2,000 hour warranty
  • CSA Approved



  • Full tubular steel frame trailer
  • 25 ft. (7.62) steel mast (vertical)
  • 68" Broad-based design for stable transport in rough terrain
  • 4 - 1,100 watt metal halide lights
  • 4 point outrigger stance withstands up to 65 mph (105 kph) winds

Fuel consumption and runtime results based on engine manufacturer and field test data after 100-hour engine break-in period and may vary based on factors including age and maintenance of equipment, environmental conditions and fuel density. Consult the Owner’s Manual for fuel and maintenance recommendations.