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About the MLT6SMD LED Light Tower

The MLT6SMD LED mobile light tower from Generac Mobile delivers reliable, cost-effective lighting and power for a wide variety of applications. Energy-efficient LED lights allow for an extended runtime of up to 203* hours. With lights running, the MLT6SMD provides up to 5kW of export power. Durable LEDs illuminate instantly, and provide long-lasting, energy-efficient lighting. The standard Power Zone Autolight Controller allows for automated operation, including timed start/stop and dusk-to-dawn settings. Telemetry options enable remote monitoring and recovery assistance.

MLT6SMD Set-up Video

Features & Benefits

Easy to Use


  • Standard Power Zone Autolight Controller offers enganced programmability, including remote start and stop and dusk-to-dawn operation
  • Vertical mast for fast, easy set-up
  • Ergonomic, 2-handled manual winch standard; electric winch option
  • Hitch allows for easy towing and transportation
  • Extended 1,000-hour* service interval

Durable & Versatile


  • Mitsubishi diesel engine
  • Durable LED lights are long-lasting and backed by a 5-year warranty
  • Available with standard or diffuse LEDs
  • Poly enclosure is impact-resistance and easy to clean
  • Each 320W LED fixture can be switched on and off independently
  • Convenience outlets offer auxiliary power for electronics and small tools
  • 23 ft. (7.01 m) steel mast
  • Rated to withstand up to 65 mph (105 kph) winds
  • Up to 6kW of clean, voltage-regulated export power safe for sensitive electronics

Safe & Efficient


  • Mitsubishi ECOSpeed engine conserves fuel and allows for an extended runtime of up to 203* hours
  • Efficient LED modules consume minimal power
  • Instant-on LED lights allow for faster startups
  • Illuminated controls and trailer running lights enhance visibility and safety
  • Fully rotational mast is safely adjusted from the ground
  • Compact footprint allows for up to 17 towers on a 48' flatbed
  • CSA Approved

*Results based on engine manufacturer and field test data after 100-hour engine break-in period and may vary based on factors including age and maintenance of equipment, environmental conditions and fuel density. Consult the Owner’s Manual for fuel and maintenance recommendations.