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Quiet, easy power - the MMG55DF4 Diesel Generator

The Generac Mobile Products MMG55DF4 delivers a lot of power in an innovative, easy to use and easy to maintain package.  The unit was specifically designed with a cabinet that has the features customers want to be as maintenance free and easy to use as possible.  And it’s supported by a Tier 4 engine with a long run time and the ability to easily select the power output needed.   All of this is encapsulated in a sound attenuated,  rust-proof, aluminum enclosure so you can use the unit anywhere power is needed – at an event or on the job. 

Features & Benefits



  • EPA Tier IV Turbocharged, after-cooled diesel engine
  • 3 position selector switch for power output flexibility
  • Long-run time – 24 hours
  • Rust-proof, aluminum enclosure

Easy to Use


  • Simplified Controller- Deep Sea® DSE7310 with an easy-to-read status screen
  • A powerful processor with intuitive operation and real time operational data
  • Programmable controller providing flexible application capabilities
  • Aluminum, sound attenuated enclosure



  • 13 warning and shutdown features
  • Lockable control box door with diagnostics window 
  • Lockable lug box with safety switch
  • Emergency stop switch located on outside of enclosure 
  • Central lifting point
  • 120% Containment