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MTP8DZD 8" Diaphragm Dry Prime Trash Pump

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About the MTP8DZD 8" Diaphragm Dry Prime Trash Pump

This diesel-powered trash pump features a high performance priming system and handles solids up to 3.375 in. (85.725 mm) in diameter. The final tier 4 engine meets EPA regulations for reduced emissions.

Features & Benefits

Powerful & Durable


  • High efficiency pump end with best-in-class intake / discharge height of 30 in (0.76 m)
  • High performance priming system 
  • Handles solids up to 3.38 in. (8.5 cm) in diameter
  • Durable steel roll cage protects pump radiator and other components from damage
  • Run-Dry system for continuous operations without need for external flush water or venting

Easy to Use


  • Designed for easy service and maintenance
  • LOFA CP750 digital controller with large, back-lit LCD display
  • Automatic start/stop control for use with two-switch inputs
  • Easy conversion to optional sound attenuated flip hood cabinet (dry prime models only)
  • Optional QuickFit System for safer, cleaner, faster oil and filter change in less than 30 minutes


Additional Features


  • Final Tier 4 Engine
  • DOC + SCR Aftertreatment
  • Built-in containment for all engine fluids
  • Four-corner leveling for stability and complete fuel usage 
  • Pad-lockable battery box
  • Flip tongue no-weld, removable front plate hitch assembly
  • Optional sound attenuated flip hood cabinet
  • Optional cutter impeller reduces clogs and ragging with minimal energy consumption