Benefits of Mobile Generator Paralleling


Generac Mobile Products delivers prime power solutions in a wide range of power nodes that are designed and engineered to support a variety of projects.

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Generac has found that, in some applications, operating several smaller mobile generators in parallel can be more efficient and flexible.

Paralleling is when two or more generators are electrically coupled using special equipment to form a larger-capacity power source. Paralleling generators is not a new concept, but it has been simplified with microprocessor controls. Many capabilities are now built into the generator, making it more user-friendly and plug-and-play.

Paralleling offers more flexibility and redundancy. It ensures power continues even if one of the machines is offline, due to scheduled maintenance, for instance. In such a situation, the remaining generators will continue delivering their part of the load.

Paralleling can be used to allow two or more smaller generators to perform like a single larger one. If two generators of the same size are paralleled, for example, it effectively doubles the power output. Several small generators can be rented out individually for smaller applications and later paralleled for larger applications. This is useful in applications such as motor starting, which requires a great deal of current for startup and less power once the motor is running. The units can run in parallel to perform the motor starting and then one or more units can shut down, allowing the other to run at peak load. This avoids oversizing a single large generator and the related problems that brings, such as wet stacking that comes from operating long-term and less than full load.

Additionally, it is often difficult to accurately project increases in load requirements and adequately size a single gen-set for those anticipated requirements. If load projections are high, the initial investment in generators may be larger than necessary. If projections are low, reliability could be compromised or expensive generator upgrades may be required. By operating in parallel, it is easier to allow for variations in load without exceeding budget.

Mobile generators from Generac Mobile Products are configured to meet virtually all needs, including choice of containment, cold weather packages and trailer options. Paralleling capability comes standard on gaseous generators and is optional on most diesel generators. Up to 32 units can be paralleled. Regardless of what type of paralleling setup is required, Generac Mobile Products recommends engaging a skilled technician to configure the generators.