Flameless Heaters Provide Dependable, Safe Heat


New Generac Mobile Flameless Heaters Provide Dependable, Safe Heat

New design offers maximum performance and serviceability

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Generac Mobile flameless heaters are purpose-designed to safely provide heat in environments in which an open flame could be hazardous. The flameless technology utilizes a hydraulic pump circuit to load a diesel engine, which generates heat. Heat is also captured from other system components like the radiator and exhaust. Intuitive controls are easy to use and allow operators to set temperature and CFM that will remain reliable and consistent. The new flameless line-up includes two models - the MFH500 and MFH900.
            The MFH900 has been– redesigned with a powerful 4.4L Perkins® engine and features a minimum run time of 26 hours on one fuel and DEF fill at 88% + efficiency. The MFH900 has an air output volume of 3,600 – 5,000 cubic feet per minute at 5-inches of static pressure and it has a max heat output (BTU) of 865,000 / hr. Wide, flip-up side doors and interior cabinet lighting makes servicing these heaters quick and easy, minimizing any downtime. The rust-proof aluminum enclosure is durable and minimizes weight allowing for a single axle trailer and increased maneuverability. The MFH900 features a new controller, with intuitive, low-med-high push-button settings. Dual outlet ducts allow for separate duct runs for more versatile heating. 
            The MFH500 has a temperature output of up to 180°F (82°C) and an air output volume of 2,650 - 5,500 cubic feet per minute (CFM) at 5-inches of static pressure. The heater offers a heat output of 475,000 BTU / hr.  
With an emphasis on safety, units include a comprehensive set of alarms and shutdowns, including positive air shutdown to prevent runaway engine. Fully lockable cabinets prevent unauthorized entry and tampering, and include room for duct storage.