Generac Mobile Launches First Diffuse LED Light Towers

Press Release:

Diffuse LEDs are easy on the eyes, durable and offer all of the benefits of LEDs

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BERLIN, Wis. — October 09, 2018 — Certain types of nighttime work, such as road maintenance,require lighting with minimal glare. Conventional light fixtures may emit harsh light that could be distracting to drivers, workers and others nearby. Generac Mobile’s new diffuse LEDs provide even lighting for a variety of applications.

In addition to providing soft, 360-degree lighting, diffuse LEDs have all of the benefits of LED technology, including on/off, fuel efficiency and no bulb changes. Generac LEDs are designed to last, with an average life expectancy of 10 years, and the innovative and durable design of the tower stands up to the rigors of the rental yard and job site.

Diffuse LEDs are available on Generac Mobile’s MLT6 and MLT4060 LED Light Towers. For those with existing MLT6 and MLT4060 LED towers in their fleet, retrofit kits are available. For more information, visit Generac Mobile Products.

About Generac Mobile

Generac Mobile is a leading manufacturer of mobile light towers, generators, heaters and pumps. A wholly owned subsidiary of Generac Power Systems (NYSE: GNRC), Generac Mobile is headquartered in Berlin, Wis., where it manufactures all product lines to withstand the rigors of rental yards, commercial construction jobsites and extreme environments. The company's innovative solutions help construction, infrastructure, military, disaster response, oil and gas,mining and event professionals optimize their operations with mobile light, power, water and heat solutions, providing safer worksites and streamlined workflows that maximize efficiency and profit.