New MLTS LED Light Tower Offers Superior ROI

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The MLTS light tower features Generac® LEDs designed to last the lifetime of the light tower, with a 10-year life expectancy.

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BERLIN, Wis. – July 31, 2019 – Generac Mobile introduces the latest member of its light tower family. The new MLTS LED light tower provides powerful, even lighting, simplified controls, and low maintenance requirements for maximum return on investment (ROI). A new 2-cylinder engine allows for lower initial acquisition cost, a long run-time of up to 220 hours and low operational costs. The MLTS is designed for e

The MLTS light tower features Generac® LEDs designed to last the lifetime of the light tower, with a 10–year life expectancy. The MLTS light tower offers a 1,000–hour service interval, allowing the light tower to run longer between service applications, minimizing maintenance and labor costs. Our high performance LED lighting has improved punch and spread with a coverage of 19,526 sq. ft., at a minimum of 5 ft. candles.

The tower is outfitted with many easy-to-use features. Standard on the MLTS is a simplified analog controller, offering easy operation. A brand new Power Zone® Autolight digital controller option, available early 2020, offers high programmability with intuitive, visual controls that include a dusk–to–dawn setting, timed auto start–and–stop intervals and individual light controls. The controller constantly monitors vital engine functions and when a fault occurs, the engine shuts off and an LED indicator illuminates on the controller making it perfect for any application. The MLTS also offers containment of oil and coolant as part of the machine frame. The unit has an export power of 2.4 kW that allows for linking and light running while the engine is off.

Like the award-winning MLT6 series from Generac Mobile, the MLTS light tower features a compact footprint. When in transport mode, up to 19 units can fit on a 53 ft. flatbed truck — significantly reducing freight costs. The MLTS is outfitted with a 23 ft. vertical mast that deploys quickly and easily with an ergonomic, two–handled manual winch; an optional electric winch is also available. The ability to rotate the mast 359 degrees from ground level makes it safe and easy to direct the light exactly where it's needed. The MLTS can be also outfitted with standard or diffuse LEDs

On top of its cost–effectiveness and easy-to-use design, the MLTS light tower is built to withstand the rigors of rental years and jobsites. The enclosure is made of a durable, impact–resistant poly shell that will stand up to tough conditions while keeping an attractive appearance. The rear flip hood features dual gas-assisted struts that hold the hood securely open for easy access during maintenance.

To see what light tower is best for your operation, Generac Mobile has a new tool to make specifying a light tower as easy as possible. Generac Mobile’s Light Tower Total Cost of Operation Calculator is a free means to help calculate the true cost of light towers. Initial acquisition cost is only part of the picture when it comes to light tower buying decisions. The Calculator puts real numbers to choices between LED and metal halide towers, and how lower maintenance and longer run times with better fuel efficiency play a crucial role in calculating the total cost of the light tower over its lifespan. To try out Generac Mobile’s tool for yourself, click TCO Calculator

Click HERE for associated imagery on the new, more powerful LINKTower LED light tower.

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