Diesel, Gaseous, and Containerized Mobile Generators from 6 - 2,000 Kilowatts

Diesel, Gaseous, and Containerized Mobile Generators from 6 - 2,000 Kilowatts

With options ranging between 6kw and 2MW, our generators are designed and engineered to support a variety of projects for hours on end, regardless of the weather conditions. By using well gas byproduct as fuel, our gaseous generators are able to provide cost effective power. From Winterization Kits for use in the extreme cold, to flexible management systems, digital controllers and the paralleling capabilities you require to optimize the performance of your worksite, our generators are manufactured to deliver the reliable power you need, when and where you need it most. 

In addition to gaseous generators, our expertise includes prime mobile power solutions as well. This unique combination of product insight and knowledgeable experience has led to us being named Frost & Sullivan's 2014 and 2015 North American Natural Gas Genset Manufacturer of the Year, leaving you with a company you can trust and products you can depend on. 

Products - Generators

Generator Type

Power Range (kW/kVA)

MLG8K Diesel Generator

Use this unit to provide up to 8.1kVA of prime power for up to 43 hours of run time.

  • kW / kVA Prime: 8.1 / 8.1
  • Engine: Kubota
  • Run Time (full): 43 hrs.

MLG15M Diesel Generator

Being Tier 4 EPA approved for single-phase power needs, this diesel generator is fuel efficient and environmentally responsible.

  • kW / kVA Prime: 13 / 13
  • Engine: Mitsubishi
  • Run Time (full): 43 hrs.

MLG20IF4 Diesel Generator

Provide up to 19kVA of prime power for up 23.8 hours with this diesel generator.

  • kW / kVA Prime: 19 / 19
  • Engine: Isuzu
  • Run Time (full): 23.8 hrs.

MMG25IF4 Diesel Generator

Supported by a Tier 4 diesel engine, the MMG25IF4 provides full load power for up to 45.4 hours.

  • kW / kVA Prime: 21 / 26
  • Engine: Isuzu
  • Run Time (full): 42.9 hrs.

MMG35DF4 Diesel Generator

Use the unit's 3 position selector switch to choose the ideal power output for your mobile power needs.

  • kW / kVA Prime: 29 / 36
  • Engine: John Deere
  • Run Time (full): 31 hrs.

MMG45IF4 Diesel Generator

With single or three phase power avialable for prime or standby use, use this model anywhere power is needed.

  • kW / kVA Prime: 38 / 47
  • Engine: Isuzu
  • Run Time (full): 27 hrs.

MMG55DF4 Diesel Generator

Featuring a three position selector for output flexibility, the MMG55DF4 is safe and easy to operate.

  • kW / kVA Prime: 44 / 55
  • Engine: John Deere
  • Run Time (full): 23 hrs.

MMG75D Diesel Generator

Use this diesel generator to power up to 77kVA for 31 hours at full load.

  • kW / kVA Prime: 62 / 77
  • Engine: John Deere
  • Run Time (full): 31 hrs.

MMG100D Diesel Generator

With a 165 gal. fuel capacity, Generac|Magnum's MMG100D generator can be used continuously for 24 hrs.

  • kW / kVA Prime: 78 / 98
  • Engine: John Deere
  • Run Time (full): 24 hrs.

MMG130D Diesel Generator

For single and three-phase power needs between 90 and 134kVA, look no further than the MDG130.

  • kW / kVA Prime: 98 / 122
  • Engine: John Deere
  • Run Time (full): 44 hrs.

MMG480 Diesel Generator

Provide full load prime power at 474kVA for up to 23 horus with this mobile diesel generator.

  • kW / kVA Prime: 379 / 474
  • Engine: John Deere
  • Run Time (full): 20 hrs.

MMG625VT2 Diesel Generator

Mobile Diesel Generator, 629kVA Prime, Tier 2 Flex

  • kW / kVA Prime: 503 / 629
  • Engine: Volvo
  • Run Time (full): 18 hrs.