Government / Military

Government / Military
Light, Power, Heat, Air, Water Built for Rugged Conditions

Light, Power, Heat, Air, Water Built for Rugged Conditions

Generac Magnum has a long-standing history of providing our standard commercial, as well as customized products to the many Federal Government Agencies and branches of the Armed Services.

The U.S. Government has come to rely on the quality, performance and endurance of Generac Magnum light towers and generators to provide the power and light sources needed in critical situations, both here in the states, as well as abroad. Along with quality, Generac Mobile Products has a philosophy of maintaining high inventory levels, to enable our rapid response in emergency situations. Generac Magnum light towers and generators have been used in recovery efforts at The Pentagon, Ground Zero, the Oklahoma City Federal Building and in relief efforts led by FEMA in the wake of hurricanes Hugo, Andrew and Katrina.

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Products - Government / Military

MLC4062 Light Cart

  • Security lighting built for purpose. Designed for perimeter and security lighting in all environments.

MLC4064 Light Cart

  • Portable lighting built for purpose. Single person push and pull maneuverability with focused lighting for runway maintenance.

MEG30 Combo Unit

  • Designed to support operation centers and activities that move often and have no/limited access to external power sources.