Tips to Help Weather the Storm

Generac Mobile offers the following tips to help you be as prepared as possible to weather the storm.

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Preparation well in advance and immediately before a hurricane can help limit damage, keep workers safe and get you back to business more quickly. Generac Mobile offers the following tips to help you be as prepared as possible to weather the storm.

While developing a storm preparedness and response plan, assign specific roles to team members so everyone has a clear understanding of their responsibilities. Also establish communication procedures and compile a list of important phone numbers. Make plans for securing materials, and back up your business data. You may also want to review your insurance policies to see if you are covered for water or flood damage.

The time to maintain your mobile generators is well before a major storm or disaster strikes, when professional assistance may be unavailable, power lines are down and roads may be blocked. You should have procedures in place to ensure regular maintenance is performed safely and in accordance with the manufacturers’ recommendations. When a storm becomes imminent, Generac Mobile suggests that you start the units before the storm to make sure they run properly. You should also make sure the generators have fresh oil and fuel.

In fact, stocking up on diesel fuel is one of the most important things you can do before a storm hits. Getting fuel can be challenging in the wake of a storm, and it is easy to run out during extended run times. Generac Mobile recommends getting enough fuel to last at least three days. While you’re at it, get extra filters and oil. After the storm, units can be running 24/7 and will need to be serviced more frequently.

If a hurricane is predicted in your area, you may need to suspend deliveries to the site, other than what you need to protect the building, equipment and materials. As the storm continues to approach, you will want to brace building components, anchor roof panels and cover any large wall opening with tarps. If possible, it is best to move materials indoors, shut off main utility power to reduce the risk of fire, and lock doors and windows. Make sure to give yourself and your workers time to make storm preparations at home, as well.

When the storm is over and you can reach the jobsite, first check for unsafe conditions, such as downed wires, flooded areas and structural damage to the building. If you stored generators or light towers indoors during the storm, always move them outside a safe distance from windows and vents before operating them. Before turning units on, check all electrical, mechanical, and gas systems for damage.

Storms and natural disasters pose unique challenges for communities. Generac Mobile has the experience and expertise to help you if you are in need. Visit for more details or call our service experts at 920-361-4442 or 800-926-9768.